Imagine the numbers are terrific and no one is suffering from burnout.

If we are being honest, we just want to be successful.

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Of course, we also want ourselves and our employees to be happy and for everyone to feel like they are part of a community. But in reality, there is often no room for personal sensitivities. Sure: we have to deliver, and that just means having to compromise here and there. You can't make an omelette... And what if you didn't have to compromise anymore?

It’s true: mental health is a real USP.

Maybe the topics of diversity and mental health make you think of gender nonsense and special treatments that slow down your output.

As a psychotherapist with an executive background, I can assure you: there is much more to the noise. It's about people being able to tap into their potential. It's about performance, market penetration, and having the one-up on talent acquisition. It's about measurable results through data-driven inclusion. So, actual factors affecting productivity!

Most companies are still in their infancy in this area.

The good news is: There's a lot to gain for them.

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The Definition of 'Corporate Psychologist'.

I work with what might be considered a unique dual qualification because I am more than just a psychological psychotherapist. As a senior manager in two corporations, I have experienced many situations, that you encounter in your everyday life, myself.

Together, we'll develop a deeper understanding of issues that aren't discussed enough, despite their extreme influence on our work. We open spaces for people to feel understood in their unique situations, allowing them to ask for structures that will support them in their work.

I have proven hundreds of thousands of times that this approach benefits companies. So far, I have been able to help half a million employees and dozens of top managers to work more freely, healthily, and productively through my work.

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Impact in 3, 2, 1…

Standard solutions almost always lead to: nothing.

Your psyche, your team, and your corporate culture are too unique for off-the-shelf consulting. I don't want to waste time on generic advice, à la: "Get a time blocker." Instead, I'll offer you expedient feedback and courses of action that bring you clarity and control. We dig deeper, working on structures and behavioral patterns, and ensure that the changes we initiate will continue to generate positive resonance for years to come. That's what I call effectiveness.

For this to work reliably, I have developed a sophisticated toolkit over more than 15 years of practice.

Apart from classics like depth coaching, awareness training, and organizational development, I also offer progressive formats. Those bear names like "Smack My Pitch Up" or "Bulli Escape" – for creative and groundbreaking solutions.  

Humanitarian with Business-Colored Glasses

I'll admit it: I care about people and I want to live in a world where tomorrow, more people are freely and bravely themselves than yesterday.

Every conflict has its solution, and opposites are indeed sources of inspiration.

I believe in self-determination and that we all must find our own path. And if we need support in this, we should get it. However, I also understand what is possible within a company.

For my work, this means: I am serious about it. But I am not an ideologist, trying to push you towards a decision.

I'll make sure that your decisions are informed.

From Executive to Executive

I want to encourage you. You are probably an executive or leader yourself, looking for support during a crisis or to develop your area of responsibility. Or you are working on a training concept, looking for a suitable speaker or personalized expertise in diversity and mental health to refine your strategy and ingrain new structures within the company. Whatever it is, the chance that I can support you on these topics myself, or with competent contacts, is pretty high. Let's have a chat.

All the best,

P.S.: I challenge you to think of openers for good conversations with me: your last concert visit or travel destinations for me and Kio, my Australian shepherd.


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